Kayla Pongrac’s The Flexible Truth and Kayla Sargeson’s Blaze

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“‘Metal Skeleton’ is a potent, straightforward vignette about disillusion. ‘Esophagus Number Two’ imagines a protagonist with a tiny train running daily up her throat and into her mouth, a witty metaphor for social anxiety: ‘Gone are the days when I could trust my gut, when I could meet people and decide fairly quickly if I could see myself using flattering adjectives to describe them to other people I knew much better.’

In contrast to Pongrac’s work, the poetry in Kayla Sargeson’s chapbook, Blaze (Main Street Rage, $10), is as direct as its title and the accompanying cover image: an anatomically correct human heart alight in golden flames (and, it appears, charred underneath). Sargeson, who curates City Paper’s online poetry feature, Chapter & Verse, specializes in tough little poems about hard living…”

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This week in Pittsburgh City Paper: poetry chapbooks! 󾓶

Posted by Littsburgh on Thursday, January 28, 2016


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