“A Look at Jonathan Moody”

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“Let’s go back, say, ten years or so, and check in at Nico’s Recovery Room in Bloomfield. That’s where on any given night, while the motley crowd gathered at the rails of the bar, puffing determinedly at Camels and ‘boros and indulging in mid-shelf liquor and watery local brews, carried on a shouting call and response with the lottery drawing taunting them from the TVs mounted above, somewhere in the back room nestled in the recess of an undersized booth, you could find the poet Jonathan Moody and myself engaged in beerspillingly intense discussions about those things which so generously offer us an entryway into the deeper mysteries of life–namely comic books, old film noirs, and our favorite records.”

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Kristofer Collins interviewed poet (and father and hip-hop head) Jonathan Moody for our latest artist profile:“My body…

Posted by 1839 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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